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Hi! I'm June

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My Story

I dance for 10 years since I was 6 years old. I love the movement with music and enjoy the freedom of expressing feelings through the body. I pushed myself hardly to achieve the goal on stage and chasing for the crown of dancer, until I had to stop with no choice. 

My first yoga lesson was a trial in a beautiful breathtaking cliffside villa at Ubud. I didn't fall in love with yoga dramatically afterward, but it has seeded in my mind. I dropped in some yoga classes during those years, but never being serious or consistent.

In 2011, I was suffering the illness. I was breathless when I laid on bed at night because the body was too weak, and I couldn't even walk myself from bedroom to toilet. I was feeling so depress and hopeless. One night, I was being sleepless on the bed and I was missing the feeling of a refreshing deep breath. The memory of that Ubud trial yoga lesson popped up in my mind. Oh Yes! Yoga probably the only exercise I could do at that moment. That's how the start of my journey on yoga...

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Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT200

Registered Rainbow Kids and Families Yoga Teacher

Registered Yin Mindfulness Yoga Teacher

Certified International Personal Fitness Trainer

Certified Advanced Medical Exercise Prescription Specialist

Certified Advanced Sport Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

Diploma of Aromatherapy (London School of Aromatherapy)

Yoga Instructor

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Yoga has literally changed my life for the better in every way. I felt a profound connection to the practice which opened my body, heart and mind, and continues to help me overcome the challenges of modern city living.


I believe that practicing yoga can produce significant physical and emotional enhancements by postures and breath control practicing, and I hope to encourage my students to a mindful practice, cultivating inner peace and self-love.


I am teaching various yoga class from Power to Yin, 1 to 1 private to corporate group class, as well as family & child yoga. 

Personal Trainer

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I have gained a lot of knowledge of anatomy from the training of personal trainer and the fitness training is a perfect balance of my yoga practice.


Yogis, trust me. "You do need some resistant trainings on your muscles to keep your joints healthy" The cross-training will maximises the benefits of your practice scientifically.


I can design  a well blended tailor made fitness program for you to keep your practice safe and efficient.

Sport Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

Medical Exercise Prescription Specialist

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I continued my education on specific areas, sport injury rehabilitation and medical exercise prescription, because I can really understand how depress is it when you injured and suffering from illness. I hope my knowledge can help you on the way of recovering and enjoy the benefits of movements as everyone.

About Angelo Heung

Heung is a RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor

With the background of athletics, Heung loves to explore the movement and limit of body. He founds that yoga is balancing perfectly both emotional and physical he got from athletics training, and it is a chance to just breathe.


He loves teach yoga because it has helped him heal so much in his life and wanted to be able to share that with others. Yoga feels like home to him because of the calmness it brings to his life, and connecting with other yogi's in the community.

Heung is teaching 1-to-1 private and group class regularly.


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